International Tax, Estates, Trusts, Wills and Probate

Without a doubt, cross-border issues add to the complexity of international tax, estates, trusts, wills and probate. Matters become even more complicated when assets are abroad or when the deceased was not domiciled in the country they died in.

Probate, Transfers and Sales of Properties: Attorney James Lavigne

As a full-service international lawyer, James Lavigne handles foreign probate, taxation and conveyance. He offers advice on sales of properties and transfers to beneficiaries and heirs abroad. His experience in managing foreign assets is comprehensive and includes:

  • Legal advice on recent property tax reforms by governments affecting foreign property owners
  • Assistance on foreign inheritance matters and probate issues
  • Arranging affidavits of foreign law and notarization of all documents
  • Transfer of securities and bank account funds to heirs

International Estate Planning

Attorney James Lavigne offers global estate planning for foreign, United States and multinational families. Many of his clients have assets overseas, and he coordinates their estate planning with local attorneys in their jurisdictions. He also represents family members in foreign countries with U.S. business interests. With his help, clients can structure their investments to maximize tax advantages and discover methods for transferring investments to future and succeeding generations. Also, clients can learn about the tax aspects of giving up citizenship.

Although having a will in each foreign jurisdiction where property is owned can help alleviate problems, it must be carefully drafted to avoid one will revoking the other. A supplemental will like a domiciliary will may be needed to avoid any confusion. A problem can arise if recent foreign property is not added to a will in foreign countries. Foreign laws on intestacy are different than the United States. With advice and legal guidance from attorney James Lavigne, you can avoid some of the common problems of wills in foreign nations.

Another common problem in the distribution of a deceased’s foreign property is double taxation. When a U.S. citizen dies and owns property in a foreign country, estate taxes apply in the foreign country and in the United States. Many civil law nations also apply a higher gift tax to remote beneficiaries.

If you’re a U.S. citizen and own property overseas, turn to attorney James Lavigne for the best advice on your estate planning. He’ll develop a sound strategy, so everything runs smoothly in the event of your passing.