International Litigation

International litigation is litigation among companies and persons in different countries. The issues that differentiate international litigation from domestic litigation are often evidence from abroad, personal jurisdiction, process service and enforcement of judgment. Attorney James Lavigne of American Lawyers International is experienced in global litigation practices, including handling cross-border disputes. He has also represented clients in national courts in Europe and in international tribunals. He has coordinated proceedings in areas like Latin America and Asia where political and cultural insight lead to a successful outcome in foreign courts. Clients from across the globe turn to attorney James Lavigne for advice and representation in international matters.

Cross-Border Investigations and Compliance

Attorney James Lavigne handles cross-border investigations in compliance with international regulations and has managed issues surrounding antitrust, labor law, manufacturing, anticorruption and employment issues internationally. He assists clients in navigating the complex cross-border regulatory and compliance requirements. Clients can turn to attorney James Lavigne to address issues in connection with their operations in the EU and interactions with EU regulators. He also helps clients in ad hoc international arbitration.

International Attorney: James Lavigne

There’s a difference between domestic litigation and international litigation. That’s because international litigation involves parties from other countries set of regulations and law. An experienced international attorney like James Lavigne helps clients understand the process. Successful litigation is key to resolving international disputes and to protect the rights and interests of the parties involved. He is a strong advocate to have in your corner and a powerful litigator in both national and international courts. Those facing a dispute with a foreign sovereign, individual or business need the help of an experienced international litigator for success.

If you’re doing business internationally, you need to be aware of the legal playing field in a foreign court. Businesses should seek an experienced international attorney to resolve issues in a foreign country. What courts do you go to for filing a complaint? How is the law applied in that specific? What are the formal procedures internationally accepted manner judgments enforced? This are likely some of the questions that you’ll need the answers for. Get the right answers from attorney James Lavigne.

Today, doing business on a global basis is the norm. It’s common for U.S. companies to source foreign products, have contracts with foreign companies and have locations abroad. When an international problem arises, turn to attorney James Lavigne for legal advice and guidance.