Foreign Investments in US

One of the primary areas of focus at American Lawyers International, PLLC., is foreign investments. Whether you require assistance with complicated taxation matters or wish to obtain an E-2 visa, you can benefit greatly from the effective strategizing and results-driven service offered through American Lawyers International, PLLC. The firm’s attorneys are very familiar with investment policies and procedures, and are thus able to provide the effective legal service you require.

E Investor Visas

If you hail from a nation that currently has a commercial treaty with the United States, you may be eligible to invest and carry on business in the U.S. With the help of American Lawyers International, PLLC., you can gain an E-2 visa. Your ability to secure an investor visa hinges on you demonstrating that your business is bona fide and not marginal. The right attorney can help you gather all of the documentation necessary to obtain a visa and begin investing in the United States.

Diverse Representation at American Lawyers International, PLLC.

The clientele for American Lawyers International, PLLC., is very diverse and includes corporations and business entities of all sizes and in an array of industries. Many of the firm’s offshore clients wish to make investments in the United States, but struggle with complex regulations. The skilled legal professionals at American Lawyers International, PLLC., can provide guidance though the entirety of this process, thereby ensuring that sensitive matters are handled appropriately.

The attorneys of American Lawyers International, PLLC., have worked with corporate clients from a variety of nations, but are especially well-positioned to handle foreign investments for those originating from Brazil and Saudi Arabia. Khalid Alghamdi and Sergio Goncalves possess an especially thorough understanding of the legal landscape in these nations and are thus capable of equipping their international clients with the creative legal strategies needed to ensure that investments are fully compliant and tax-friendly.

American Lawyers International, PLLC.: Representing Clients Worldwide

If you wish to invest in the United States, it is in your best interest to work with a respected attorney with a history of success in international law. James Lavigne, Jose Luyanda, Sergio Goncalves, Khalid Alghamdi, Paul Camp Lane, and Joseph MacFarland all possess impressive legal skill, especially in international affairs. They bring a comprehensive understanding of international law to American Lawyers International, PLLC., which has an exceptional reputation throughout the state of Florida. Because they have no vested interest in the ultimate financial outcome of your transaction, they can provide the impartial and accurate representation you require.