Khalid Alghamdi

Personal Information

Name: Khalid abd Alwahed AlGhamdi

Nationality: Saudi

Career: Businessman and legal counsel and international arbitrator.

Academic Qualifications

  • An international arbitration diploma.
  • An international marketing and public relations diploma.
  • Course in the New Saudi arbitration law.
  • Course in modern systems and judicial reform.
  • Holds (109) hours in jurisprudence and legal science.
  • Holds (111) hours in natural sciences and mathematics and physics.
  • A diploma in computer science.
  • Diploma in securities trading system.
  • Diploma in money laundering.
  • Diploma in science education.

Skills and Abilities

Work on the issuance of instruments and resolutions, and administrative rulings for clients since 2001 until now for all types of cases and reviews without exception Including financial, business, family, criminal, fortifications real estate, labor, educational, medical, and Zakat and income tax, media, customs, civil aviation, arbitration.

Work, including more than 58 countries and knowledge of the cultures and legislation of most countries that I have visited. At training centers and law firms to the reality of the legitimate and legal consulting and systems status.

Experience in business consulting, public services, business administration, public relations, marketing and investment and the nature of the business that I worked at.

As well as arbitration and review most of the ministries and courts, and the official committees such as General Courts, Criminal Courts, The Supreme, Judicial Council, Supreme Court, Office of the Ombudsman in all its departments commercial administrative and penal, The Ministry of the Interior, Committee the forensic medical Ministry of Health, Banking Committee Monetary Agency, The media committee of the Ministry of Information, Offices chapter in commercial disputes, Labor Committee primary, The Ministry of Labor, Supreme Labor Committee, Supervisory Board and the Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution, The Ministry of Public Works and rating agency, The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Customs Department, Department of Zakat and Income, Ministry of Finance, Social Insurance Committee chapter in insurance disputes, Civil Aviation Authority.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Jeddah city


PO box B3428 code no.21471